Don’t cut ! Michel Hazanavicius reflects on his latest film

Visuel Don’t cut ! Michel Hazanavicius reflects on his latest film

Every year, TAFFF is an opportunity for Directors to talk about their films in selection. First guest of the TAFFF Talk collection: Michel Hazanavicius.

Michel Hazanavicius has made a name for himself thanks to an eclectic filmography, some of whose opuses have met with immense critical and public success. These include the OSS 117 saga and The Artist (2011), which won five Oscars, including Best Director for Hazanavicius. We also find him at the helm of more singular projects such as The Search (2014), which he presented at The American French Film Festival in 2015, Le Redoutable (2017) and, of course, his latest directorial effort Coupez! Moving with ease between comedy, drama and Z series, Michel Hazanavicius represents daring French cinema.

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